Resource mobilisation conference 2023


The first Global Hepatitis Resource Mobilisation Conference represented a global call to action to boost financial and political commitment towards viral hepatitis elimination.

The first-ever Global Hepatitis Resource Mobilisation Conference, organised by The Hepatitis Fund and the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), took place in Geneva on 17 May 2023.

The event gathered an international audience of over 100 participants engaged in hepatitis elimination, including community leaders, governments, industry partners, donors and global health institutions.

The agenda included remarks by Dr Chelsea Clinton, Dr Tedros, Professor Michel Kazatchkine and representatives from the two host countries, the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

During the first part of the day, the audience had the opportunity to hear first-hand testimonies from community leaders and to learn more about the investment case for hepatitis elimination.

Representatives of the health ministries of Cambodia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia joined a session during which they presented their respective efforts around hepatitis elimination.

Pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies joined a lively session on the role of the industry, which ended with a series of ground-breaking announcements (listed below). That session was followed by a programmatic commitment by global health institutions, including the Global Fund, Unitaid, USAID and FIND. The session ended with Brazil, Nigeria and Pakistan announcing country domestic commitments.

conference highlights

Conference pledges and announcements

Country commitments


  • The Ministry of Health provides diagnostic and treatment to all the population.
  • The government released a new decree for an inter-ministry action to reach the population.
  • Pledge to provide technical support to the PAHO countries and countries of Portuguese language and expand it to BRICS countries.

Canton of Geneva

  • The Canton confirmed its financial support for a three-year project on the elimination of vertical transmission in Rwanda.


  • Help countries with data management, IT and technical support, and lab strengthening.
  • Support African countries with medication, affordable diagnostics, technical support for education and training both on-site and in Egypt for the management of advanced liver disease and for creating an existing programme and infrastructure.


  • Provide treatment for HCV at $160 USD.
  • Allocate domestic resources for the Federal hepatitis elimination programme of five years to province for a total of 260 USD$ million for testing and treatment.

Viatris and Hetero

  • Pledged to reduce the price of hepatitis C (HCV) and hepatitis B (HBV) treatments to enable more people to access life-saving medication.
  • Sofosbuvir and daclatasvir, a 12-week once-daily oral treatment for HCV, will now be offered at US$60 per patient course of treatment.
  • Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF), a once-daily tablet taken for life for HBV, will now be sold at US$2.4 per 30 tablets, less than $29 per year.

By dramatically reducing the cost of treatment in low- and middle-income countries, these commitments will substantially reduce the level of funding required to achieve elimination.


  • Continue to provide via their global access programme access to concessional pricing for both HBV and HCV molecular tests and the GeneXperts systems.
  • Extend the all-inclusive offer (instrument, services, and test) at a defined, transparent price.
  • Via PPP (public-private partnership extend the global access concessional pricing to the private sector laboratory networks


  • Provide transparent, all-inclusive pricing to eligible countries.
  • Continue to report and communicate key performance indicators to ensure the supply timely maintenance and support of their instruments.
  • Pursuing WHO prequalification for viral hepatitis products.

Center for Disease Analysis Foundation

  • Pledge to match the first 10,000 USD in donations at the conference. THF collected 20,000 USD$.

ZeShan Foundation

  • Pledge their financial support to The Hepatitis Fund‚Äôs headquarters‚Äô operations for two million USD$ for a period of two years.

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Photo credits: THF/Steve Forrest/Workers’ Photos.

The 2023 Resource Mobilization Conference represents a milestone event towards viral hepatitis elimination.