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The beginning of the end for viral hepatitis

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Brian’s story: HIV and HBV co-infection

  Brian’s life has been a challenging journey since being diagnosed with HIV many years ago. However, in 2019, he made a conscious decision to take control of his health. Committed to his antiretroviral (ARV)

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Spreading the word about hepatitis

  One of the new hepatitis experts of the ACCELERATE programme has gone viral. Dr Wamundila Kawana, a gastroenterology trainee, was already fairly knowledgeable about hepatitis but benefited from training on how to train health

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Building young hepatitis focal points

Dr Diyase Agness Chola is a Senior Medical Officer based at Luangwa District Hospital. At the time of her enrolment in the Accelerate Hepatitis Programme, Dr Chola did not know much about hepatitis. With time,

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Hepatitis B is a family disease in Zambia

In Zambia, due to low awareness and training of health workers, hepatitis B (HBV) was viewed as a sexually transmitted infection, resulting in social stigma for those living with it. However, most people contract HBV

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HIV and HBV tests

See one, do one, teach one

Dr Jerome Liwakala Siyambu was a medical officer at Maina Soko, a referral hospital in Lusaka within the Zambian Defense Force (ZDF). ZDF serves about 20,000 active members of the military and another 100,000 dependents

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Pamphlet developed through the HepLINK project. photo credit_PATH

Nam Anh’s story

HBV and HIV share common transmission routes as well as a common treatment method: an antiviral medication called tenofovir. As the tenofovir drug regimen is effective for both treating HBV and preventing and treating HIV,

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Minh Quang’s story

Minh Quang is a 53-year-old drug user from Hanoi. Last year, he learned of a local community-based organisation (CBO), “Lien Minh Ve Nha,” which offers support group sessions and provides free HIV, hepatitis B (HBV),

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Jawad’s story from Punjab

Jawad is a 42-year old prima school teacher. He lives in the small village of Qadirpur, in Multan, Pakistan, with his wife and two young children. In November 2021, an unexpected health scare turned his

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