Our work

We are the spark
that sets change
in motion

The Hepatitis Fund makes focused investments that work to close identified gaps in the prevention, treatment and care of viral hepatitis. In doing so, we enable partners to demonstrate impact, build a case for change, and motivate governments (and the international community) to invest in proven strategies for disease elimination.

Our approach

Funding for a hepatitis-free world


Promoting health for all

At the heart of a global move to end viral hepatitis, our strategy and grant funding portfolio are designed to reflect national and international development priorities. This includes alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and WHO Global Health Sector Strategy.

As part of this, we are committed to:

Accelerating the planning and delivery of national elimination strategies.

Integrating person-centred care in support of universal health coverage. 

Supporting interventions that work to build national health system capacity.

How it works

Turning investment into impact

1. Landscape mapping

We work with partners to understand the situation on the ground, identify bottlenecks and opportunities for high-impact health investments.

2. Fundraising

We engage with investors, donors and philanthropists to raise the funding needed to eliminate viral hepatitis.

3. Catalytic

We assess, select, and fund high-impact projects with the power to unlock long-term change.

4. Grant stewardship

We steward each project through to completion - offering technical support to partners and leveraging synergies along the way.

A catalytic
funding platform

Since its launch in 2019, the Hepatitis Fund has distributed US$5million in grant funding for hepatitis programmes in Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America.


Ensuring value for money

Our funding model is designed to make the most of every investment, with all funds allocated based on a careful assessment of impact, need, feasibility and sustainability. Once live, our monitoring and evaluation framework ensures a clear line of sight over project development, with our team working closely with its partners to optimise health impact,  and make strategic links and efficiencies that put every dollar to the best-possible use. 

Photo credits: CHAI/McNab.