Monitoring and evaluation for viral hepatitis funding

Starting date:
Duration: 12 months
Geographic reach: Global
Partner: Division of Infectious Diseases Columbia University in the City of New York
Grant amount: 45,523 USD


Project overview

The project has been designed to develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation framework, explicitly addressing issues and challenges unique to implementing action plans to eliminate viral hepatitis as a global health threat.


The Global Health Services Delivery programme at the Columbia University Division of Infectious Diseases was selected to design an M&E framework for The Hepatitis Fund’s grants programme and train recipients.

The Fund’s contribution towards hepatitis elimination will be measured through a cohesive and consistent M&E approach that helps define and measure catalytic programme inputs, outputs and outcomes. The M&E framework details the key components of the Fund’s strategic approach to assess the catalytic impact and forms the foundation for The Hepatitis Fund’s monitoring and evaluation plan. The Hepatitis Fund’s M&E framework has been further enhanced through grantee input and shared with the broader hepatitis community.

The pathway to catalytic impact includes assessing if achievement of targets would have been attained at the same time or scaled had the program not been implemented. Catalytic impact is expected to be multifold, sustained, and lasting.

Creating and applying a framework to monitor and evaluate the Fund portfolio’s performance is critical to enable real-time learning and mitigate the impact of force majeure events (such as disruptions brought about by a global pandemic).

Lessons learned and knowledge accumulated can be valuable contributions to the global campaign to eliminate viral hepatitis in the foreseeable future.

The M&E framework is a tool for systematically monitoring funded projects for catalytic impact and, at the same, creating a community of learning and sharing for capacity building.

Monitoring and evaluating the grants is a critical part of explaining – how and why catalytic projects contributed to The Hepatitis Fund’s mission of eliminating viral hepatitis as a global health threat.