World Hepatitis Summit 2022 Global Awareness Campaign

Starting date: 1 September 2020
Duration: 14 months
Geographic reach: Global
Partner: World Hepatitis Alliance
Grant amount: 32,970 USD


Project overview

This grant contributed to developing the largest public health summit to drive action towards eliminating viral hepatitis.


Almost 800 delegates from 120 countries joined the third World Hepatitis Summit, organised by the World Health Alliance. The summit registered a record digital reach of over 41 million people. Almost all delegates felt that the summit benefitted them or their organisation, and most reported that it enhanced their knowledge.
Many milestone achievements were announced at the summit. The Health Minister of Guyana declared that his country would make DAAs for hepatitis C available in the country for the first time. The Uzbekistan Minister of Health presented the country’s new elimination programme, designed in partnership with CDA Foundation.
The Global Fund announced that its next round of funding would include increased opportunities to support hepatitis B and C prevention, testing and treatment for key populations.

Photo credit: Christopher Politano/Pexels.